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Walking the fish

The lighting snd colors in all the photos used all matches so it flows nicely and looks more realistic.

Mashing Photos Together Can Create Some Interesting Art

Mashing Photos Together Can Create Some Interesting Art

Simplicity. ☽ : Photo

self-taught artist Annija Veldre from Latvia takes creative fine art photos and Photoshop manipulations to capture the essence of beauty in the

Pecera globo ... everyone has their own #oceanofideas

This illustration is really nice it shows a variety if different things and i really like how easily it gets the message across. Instead of the balloon containing nothing it has water with fish in which i think is a really good idea.

Surrealism Composite Surreal Photography Luisa Azevedo

18-Year-Old Photoshop Expert Pairs Unexpected Objects to Create Dreamy Composite Photos

With an interest in surrealism, Luisa Azevedo creates dreamy composite photos. Her series of surreal photography combines unexpected objects into one scene.