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Todas as manhãs um arco-íris ilumina esta impressionante mesquita

Mosquée Nasir al-Mulk - Shiraz,Iran interesting colorful shadows of the sun shining through the stained glass windows

Nasir-al-Molk masque - Shiraz - Iran - Nasir-al-Molk masque - Shiraz - Iran ╬☪‴دكر ؟ والا نتايه ؟ نتايه ! و آدى زبرى༺❀༻﴾﴿ﷲ ☀ﷴﷺﷻ﷼﷽ﺉ لا اله الا الله→ﻃﻅ‼ﷺ ◙ ❀.ankh (☥ unicode 2625 U)☾✫ﷺ搜索 ◙Ϡ ₡ ♕¢©®°❥❤�❦♪♫±البسملة´µ¶ą͏Ͷ·Ωμψϕ϶ϽϾШЯлпы҂֎֏ׁ؏ـ٠١٭ڪ.·:*¨¨*:·.۝۞۟ۨ۩तभमािૐღᴥᵜḠṨṮ‌‍‎‘†•‰‽⁂⁞₡₣₤₧₩₪€₱₲₵₶ℂ℅ℌℓ№℗℘ℛℝ™ॐΩ℧℮ℰℲ⅍ⅎ⅓⅔⅛⅜⅝⅞ↄ⇄⇅⇆⇇⇈⇊⇋⇌⇎⇕⇖⇗⇘⇙⇚⇛⇜∂∆∈∉∋∌∏∐∑√∛∜∞∟∠∡∢∣∤∥∦∧∩∫∬∭≡≸≹⊕⊱⋑⋒⋓⋔⋕⋖⋗⋘⋙⋚⋛⋜⋝⋞⋢⋣⋤⋥⌠␀␁␂␌┉┋□▩▭▰▱◈◉○◌◍◎●◐◑◒◓◔◕◖◗◘◙◚◛◢◣◤◥◧◨◩◪◫◬◭◮☺☻☼♀♂♣♥♦♪♫♯ⱥfiflﬓﭪﭺﮍﮤﮫﮬﮭ﮹﮻ﯹﰉﰎﰒﰲﰿﱀﱁﱂﱃﱄﱎﱏﱘﱙﱞﱟﱠﱪﱭﱮﱯﱰﱳﱴﱵ

Nasir-al-mulk Mosque - Shiraz - IRAN Photo by Ramin Rahmani Nejad -- National Geographic Your Shot

The ancient mud city of Bam, Iran, is the largest adobe structure on earth and, until the 2003 earthquake, it was one of the jewels in Iran’s tourism crown. The site has been occupied for almost 2000 years and post-earthquake analysis revealed the walls were first built using Sassanian-style mud bricks...  Read more: http://www.lonelyplanet.com/iran/southeastern-iran/bam/sights/historic/arg-e-bam#ixzz3KNka08ya

The Arg-é Bam. (ارگ بم ) in Persian known as: "Bam Citadel." Was the largest Adobe building in the world ~ located in Bam ~ A City in The Kerman Province of Southeastern Iran.

حمام تاریخی سلطان امیر احمد -کاشان Iran, Sultan Amir Ahmad Historic Bath by Ali Majdfar, via Flickr

Sultan Amir Ahmad Historic Bath, Kashan, Iran from the Angelique de Paris Incredible Places Board / olokosmon / fontaine / bassin / perspective / arche / cercle / thermes / bains

archilista: androphilia: Hammam Of The House Of The Āmeri Family (Khan-e…

Hammam Of The House Of The Āmeri Family (Khan-e Ameriha), Kashan, Iran / olokosmon / arche / thermes

Photograph Mosque of Colors 3 by Ramin Rahmani Nejad on  500px       Shiraz, Iran

Nasir-ol-Mulk mosque in Shiraz - IRAN. There is the most beautiful place in world I ever seen. There is full of Colors and Lights everywhere inside main Hall. If you decide to travel to IRAN - SHIRAZ

Moroccan architecture

A masjed (mosque) in Iran. Still, looking at this picture, whether one is a believer or not, you wonder if what is coming through the window isn't "Allah's light".