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Ohhhhh I love this. I wish everyone in the movement would realize that there's a place for everybody in it. We should work hard to embrace all of our sisters as we work on equality, as well as embracing our brothers as counterparts and allies while we continue to press on in search of progress, whatever that might be. #feminism

Liking things deemed "girly" (like painting my nails, wearing scented lotions, cute furry animals, and baking vegan sweets) doesn't make me less of a feminist.

These are elements of feminism - yours may include many or most of these, just not the last one. The last one is bad.

Feminism explained with Pokemon

Learning Feminism Through Pokemon haha. I relate most to liberal,trans, womanism and eco feminism - equality for all!


We're all different and that's what makes us beautiful. No one should feel ashamed of being themselves. This is what feminism is about 💜 Carol Rossitti

via http://www.bforbel.com/2014/02/health-comes-in-lots-of-sizes-beauty-comes-in-many-forms.html

When I had an eating disorder, girls complimented me frequently. I was underweight.


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