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thekimonogallery: Kitsune.  Japão

Kitsune fox, an animal that is an element of particular importance in Japanese folklore, in fact is used to name a classical spirit whose function is to protect forests and villages

Japón. Peinados

Multi-view Postcard of Hairstyles worn by Osaka Geiko .Hairstyles of Geiko (Geisha) from Osaka, as at least two of the models are showing the mon (crest) of Tonda-ya (Tonda geisha house) in Osaka.


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Fashion of Black Teeth in Old Japan by lilsuika on DeviantArt

A Yedo (Edo) chemist's recipe for black teeth dye from Tales of Old Japan by A. Mitford "Take three pints of water, and, having warmed it, add. Fashion of Black Teeth in Old Japan