Traditional Bedroom by Spencer-Churchill Designs Inc. and Ptolemy Dean Architects Ltd. in Northamptonshire, England

How to Complete a Space with Mirrors

I love English Country decorating - the "german bedroom" from Easton Neston, an English baroque manor house in casasugar

Chettle House ~ English baroque manor house built in 1710 in Dorset England

Chettle House ~ English baroque manor house built in 1710 by architect Thomas Archer, Dorset, England

A regal blue bedroom inspired by Disney's 2015 Cinderella movie.- Pinned by #AngelicaAngeli -

Shangri La Hotel Paris Typical french hotel room in the beautiful shades of blue. Would love to stay here.


Diy Home decor ideas on a budget. : 6 Elements that Make Up a Fabulous Shabby Ch. - Home Decor Ideas

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Interior designer Elissa Cullman introduced color and pattern to this elegant master bedroom with a cream needlepoint rug with blue, green and coral floral vines. Large expanses of pale yellow-green walls and fabrics feel calming. The tall ceiling arches

17th-century palace in Seville designed by Lorenzo Castillo.

17th-Century Seville Palace (Interiors By Europe's "It" Designer)

Frankly;  after 41 years in the business.....this I would consider Graduate School.  When I started;  I would spend days studying that one picture!    there is so much to learn....however;  no without the passion will want to learn all that.....and they fall by the wayside!

Deandra Douglas via Cote de Texas It’s no secret I’m an antique textile dealer and as such I have a certain fondness for tapestrie.


The Ritz Paris Reopens (and ten fun facts

▪️ A view from one of the bedrooms into the living room of the Vendôme Suite. After a renovation that kept its doors shut for nearly four years, the Ritz Paris is reopening June

Early American Colonial Interiors | Pinterest Pictures Of Early American Colonial Interiors Image

"Four poster beds with matching bed linens were an important edition to the master bedroom of fine homes." Paxton Hardware, Ltd. Amiable Abode: Colonial interiors old and new

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Brambly cottage - cozy chairs, fireplace and a little peep of a bookcase in the corner. I especially like the different drapes in the two separate but open rooms.