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Il ragno nei sogni

The Portia spider (aka the jumping spider) is know for its intelligent hunting behavior,.they mimic the vibrations of a trapped insect in a spiders web to attract it's prey,.

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Imagem relacionada

The Greenbottle Blue Tarantula (Chromatopelma cyaneopubescens), a native of the Paraguaná peninsula, Venezuela, has some of the most dramatic coloring of any spider species. Adult greenbottles have metallic blue legs, a blue-green carapace and a vibrant orange abdomen.  They are very active, fast-growing and particularly attractive to tarantula hobbyists.

The Greenbottle Blue Tarantula (Chromatopelma cyaneopubescens),

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Latrodectus Spider - Resembling the Black Widow Spider, the Redback is a member of the Genus Latrodectus (Widow Family) found throughout the world.

The Red-Headed Mouse Spider (Missulena occatoria) is found almost everywhere in Southern Australia. << Of course it is. O.e

The Red-Headed Mouse Spider (Missulena occatoria) is found almost everywhere in Southern Australia. This one is a Male as it's back is blue, females have black backs

Il ballo del ragno pavone

Peacock Spider (Maratus volans) via giphy: 'The brilliant coloring is not just for decoration but also to attract females. The peacock spider has earned its name when he courts with his mate through dancing.

Nephila Clavipes    banana spider

As big as your palm, with a super strong web usually at face level. These banana spiders live in northern Florida and Texas. Very strong webs.

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Eight Spotted Crab Spider (Platythomisus octomaculatus) -- a rare type of crab spider native to southeast Asia.

.if your parents tell you that goth/skeletal looking stuff is bad just look at what God created. lol

Jack Skellington spider I always knew spiders were bad

Yellow spider!

Don't know which is scarier or more deadly! lilo gentilcopain commented on your Pin "this is not a banana spider (Phoneutria sp.) This spider is an Argiope sp