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Individual triangular shaped egg holders

Some extremely polyhedral design solutions to the problem of how to best package eggs. Not that eggs, themselves do not possess a geometry of their own, but “egg” geometry is parabolic rather than polyhedral.

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What Came First? The Chicken, The Egg Or The Packaging?

16 Creative Egg Packaging Ideas | From up North

16 Creative Egg Packaging Ideas

Interesting take on the egg box design hopefully giving added protection to the eggs. Very different and could save on storage space Más

clever, sustainable and economical egg packaging by Otilia Andrea Erdelyi, a Moholy-Nagy University studant in Budapest, Hungary

egg box - If Indonesian breeder make packaging like his, the sales of local eggs will be increase!

Eggs Packaging: Si tienes huevos, vende con estilo                                                                                                                                                     Más

Could provide protection for eggs, as the slits offer support and cushioning for the eggs.

Packaging for eggs

Egg package - To design an egg packaging for 6 eggs. Has to be stable, strong and protects the eggs.

Notre sélection regroupe 25 exemples non exhaustifs autour des packagings que nous avons pu dénicher durant notre veille. Nous avons retenu ces créations pour leur originalité et leur qualité graphique afin de vous apporter une bonne dose d'inspiration !

Inspiration graphique #5 : 25 packagings originaux et innovants à découvrir

The Chicken, The Egg Or The Packaging? Premium Box Egg Packaging in dark grey

EGGI Bio Eggs by Zsófia Pressing

16 Creative Egg Packaging Ideas

Yes, you read the title correctly, today we're focusing on the nutritious little ball located in most of our fridges.