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Além de exótica, a carne da Capivara é muito apreciada pelo mercado consumidor #alcanceosucesso

Curso Criação de Capivara

Além de exótica, a carne da Capivara é muito apreciada pelo mercado consumidor #alcanceosucesso

Geckos Gansu, China

My little guy Ike has different markings but i love these lizards! Leopard gecko on rainbow slate ~ photo by Bob Jensen

Wildlife and Nature Pictures — with Tom Tamayo.

Sheer Drop, 1980 Robert Bateman (Canada, b. Oil on Board, 48 x 36 inches JKM Collection®, National Museum of Wildlife Art (Amazing creatures)


Cheetah camo in a tree. It's actually a leopard, which you can see in the shape of the head and the limbs.

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The yellow-throated marten (Martes flavigula) is a relatively widely distributed species of marten. Martens are omnivorous animals related to wolverines,mink, badgers, & ferrets.This guy is just hanging around.

Yakalo to stworzona w Kanadzie krzyżówka bizona z jakiem, zwierzę hodowane było w latach ’20 XX wieku, jednak nie rozwijało się prawidłowo dlatego od tamtego czasu słuch o nich zaginął.

Forget ligers, tigrons and grolar bears (oh my). Plenty of jaw-dropping hybrids can be had at the farm, where cross-species hybrids are more common than you might think.

Desmarest's (Cuban) Hutia (Capromys pilorides)

Desmarest's (Cuban) Hutia (Capromys pilorides)

[Kudu macho] > [* - Kudu: antílope africano que tiene pelaje grisáceo o pardusco con rayas verticales blancas, y una cola corta y tupida. El macho tiene cuernos largos curvados en espiral.]

♥Greater Kudu, often called the grey ghost of Africa. look at those horns!

Elephant Shrew

The black & rufous elephant shrew is one of 17 species of elephant shrew found only in Africa. Adults are about long & lbs. It is native to Kenya & Tanzania. It eats insects (beetles, termites, ants, and spiders), supplementing this with fruits and seeds.

Wildlife Conservation Society

Wolverine - Did you know these tough, rare animals store extra food in icy rock crevasses so they can have snacks later

deer in the forest. Don't shoot! Just photos!

autumn scene - I saw a scene near our neighborhood once where more than 10 male deer were all gathered in a field in autumn. Why do the deer do that?

Description: The coyote is the size and shape of a small shepherd dog, about four feet in length with a full, black-tipped tail about 14 inches long. Weights are 30 to 40 pounds. Their long hair varies in color with geography and season from pale grayish buff to rich reddish brown. The ears are rusty red behind. Coyotes may live up 20 years, but ten years is a rough average.

Coyote: live just about everywhere in Coloardo

Серый волк в зарослях

Information about Gray Wolf with 11 free wallpapers and 1985 other Animals desktop backgrounds.

Indian Giant Squirrel. They are around 1 foot body length and 2 feet tail length, weighing in at 4-5 pounds. Despite their size, they are not seen too often, as they live high up in the trees. Photo by Vijay Cavale

Indian Giant Squirrel :::This isn't your average squirrel. It's an Indian Giant Squirrel & you probably won't get a chance to see this guy in the wild unless you're very high up in the canopy of an Indian rainforest.

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Pronghorn in Jackson, Wyoming . The deer-like Pronghorn is neither antelope nor goat -- it is the sole surviving member of an ancient family dating back 20 million years.