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Photorealistic Pencil Sketches - These stunning photograph-quality pinched flesh pencil drawings are the work of artist Cath Riley. The results of Riley’s masterful skills w.

I thought this was a photograph... It's actually a pencil drawing. Soooo incredible!!!

Hyperrealism art by artist: Asaria Marka, Russia {hyperreal female face portrait partially covered by hands graphite pencil drawing}

Sometimes, I feel like this.

I love this, being a prisoner in your own mind, feeling like that's where you're trapped, in Your own head trying to find a way out but you cant depression and anxiety is hard to deal with and I think this a beautiful way to describe it


Pencil Portrait Mastery - Wonderful Portrait Drawings by Igor Kazarin - Discover The Secrets Of Drawing Realistic Pencil Portraits


Eye drawing by Unknown in the style of Maurits Cornelis Escher. Everyone is trying to change how you see things

We are asking the World Health Organization to add Trigeminal Neuralgia on their "Health Topic List" Lack of funding and awareness means there is little accurate data on exactly how many global...

the pain inside me over whelms me to the point i have to scream to try to stop it.