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From The Lego Movie, here is the Uni-Kitty. Uni-Kitty lives in Cloud Cuckoo Land and was a supporting character in the movie and was voiced by Alison Brie.

Uni-Kitty DIY cross stitch digital pattern "Hugs!!!" from the LEGO movie on Etsy, $5.00

" from the LEGO movie diy cross stitch digital Pattern half unicorn half kitty cat. File includes DMC suggested colors.

LEGO Movie Seasick Uni-Kitty from the Metalbeard's Seacow set | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

Black Friday 2014 LEGO Movie Queasy Kitty Minifigure Green Unikitty Microbuild from LEGO Cyber Monday.

Princess Uni-Kitty by AlyssaC-12 on deviantART

I have a sketch-book drawing due tomorrow and i wanted it to be something colorful. Who is more colorful and wonderful than Princess Unikitty? I know there is a line on her back leg, do not pay any.

WANT!!!!!!!!!  UniKitty & Angry Kitty Doublesided LEGO movie by sappymoosetree, $22.00

1 UniKitty & Angry Kitty Double-sided cotton pillow inspired by The LEGO Movie! inch firm lumbar, travel, or childrens sized cushion

1 queasy & Astro unikitty Doublesided cotton by sappymoosetree, $26.00

1 queasy kitty & Astro unikitty Doublesided by sappymoosetree

Blog FRIKI-GEEK de Hugo Miranda

I am loving this Star Wars Boba Fett Hello Kitty. This guy has done pretty much every character you can think of.