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teapots by evangelina

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Mickey where are you going??  To my house?   :o)

I got a thing for teapots that don't look like teapots.

Fit to a Tea, a ceramic teapot by  Meryl Ruth, Fine Art

Leopard-patterned Boot Surmounted By An Emerging Leopard - Teapot

circus teapot pirates? how can't you love this.

Jerico Santander Atutiplen - Presenting art as a form of entertainment is the Jerico Santander Atutiplen series of images.


Miel Margarita Paredes – Octopus teapot This wonderfully animated copper teapot is purely decorative.

Hasuyo Miller

Decorative teapots by Hasuyo Miller are made of porcelain or white stoneware clay.

@Hope Ball Ceramic Teapot  Reminds me of my childhood...

VW Teapot - ORANGE -Mom & Dad had a real one of these in the Mom made orange gingham curtains!

lovely bird-topped teapot. However, I wonder how easy it would be to use if full of tea. You'd have to be really careful with it.

Franz Porcelain Bamboo Song Bird Design Teapot by Jeannelyn