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“Deus mudou o teu caminho até juntares com o meu e guardou a tua vida separando-a para mim. Para onde fores, irei; onde tu repousares, repousarei. Teu Deus será o meu Deus. Teu caminho o meu será.”

Whoever I marry will become my best friend. Cuz they will know the real me and marry me for who I am

I just don't think I care what they think anymore

It's really pathetic that grown women with children judge you and care so much about you, how about get a life.

Lovely members: today is bring a friend tan free, again! Come bring your friends and get them a tan!

Mina... but they should! She's beautiful and funny and awesome. Why does she get bullied anyway?<< maybe because they are jealous

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