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.  Quando o amor vos fizer sinal, segui-o; ainda que os seus caminhos sejam duros e escarpados. E quando as suas asas vos envolverem, entregai-vos; ainda que a espada escondida na sua plumagem vos possa ferir

Being in love is great but nothing beats falling in love with your love again and again. Now, that's true love (=

The way you started loving her is the way she should always be loved. PS I love you!

It was a busy morning, about when an elderly gentleman in his arrived at the hospital to have stitches removed from his thumb. He said he was in a hurry as he had an appointment at am. The nurse took his vital signs and.

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” The Most Romantic Love Story Isn’t Romeo And Juliet Who Died Together But Grandpa And Grandma Who Grew Old Together ” ~ Sweet Quote

Love <3 he drives me crazy in a good way :)

you don't get to choose, you just fall in love, and sometimes the reason it's so confusing.it's because it's love, and if love didn't have challenge what would be the point?


this is for my husband :) my best friend who can always make me smile & laugh you're not my boyfriend anymore But this is still true. You are still my person and always will be. I love you and will love you forever and always.

We will grow old together

And here they are still loving each other after all these years. The Best Marriage Advice From 60 Years of Marriage Get the best tips and how to have strong marriage/relationship here:

So girly and perfect for love. This skirt begs for a romance!

This is so true. My greatest relationship was with a girl I met one random summer day and she turned out to be the love of my life. To this day I still love her. Even after all the stuff we've been through.

The husband's voice calms his wife who has Alzheimer's, so he recorded a message for her and had it placed inside a 'Build-a-Bear'. This way, his beloved wife can hear his voice any time she wants to.....and it can bring her some comfort whenever she is frightened or confused. That is LOVE!!! ...... (Photo: Karen Schiely)

Husband's voice calms his wife who has Alzheimer's so he recorded a message for a Build-a-Bear. This way she can hear his voice any time. True love never ends.


Seeing elderly people in love is also a great reminder that the best things in life don't change. I hope and pray that my life and marriage turns out the same way.