Este coelho é tão elegante que ele tem o seu próprio estilista e fotógrafo pessoal. Veja as fotos!

Conheça PuiPui, O Coelho Mais Elegante Do Mundo

Holland lop named Pui @mumitan on Instagram

Pin for Later: This Adorable Bunny Dresses Better Than You Could Ever Hope To Ready to protect and serve — his food.

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PuiPui, el conejo más elegante del mundo

* Hi everybun. I'm Puipui. I'm handsome, I'm dapper,……and I'm a rabbit! :D From crown to tuxedo, I take dressing up in costumes that my mum creates for me. Btw I'm looking for a girlfriend! xD See you soon!


36 delightful Facts about Canada ~~ In Saskatchewan, a hoodie is called a “bunnyhug.

Costumed bunny puipui

PuiPui, The Coolest Bunny In The World