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Meu filho Kiki, já um rapaz...

It's finally cool to a redhead. Check out these pictures for 10 ginger men who will make you want to be a redhead. Red hair looks great in a beard too.

This guy would make a nice model for Wash. I like his freckles an his tousled hair.

Maverick, the second oldest (and a twin) of 5 redhead kids! You will see pins of the rest of the reckless crew! Personality description: mature, smart, wise, playful he's 18

Google képkeresési találat: http://25.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_lv6jnklWDz1qbvy35o1_500.jpg

Worldwide, only % of people have naturally red hair. There are absolutely more people with black, brown, and blonde hair than redheads.