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the present #spiritual
adoro FARM - floriografia: astromélia
METTA or Loving Kindness Prayer.  Every morning I repeat this prayer 6 times: 1)for myself 2)for a mentor/teacher/role model of mine 3)for someone I am very close to 4)for someone who I am having difficulty with or struggle to like 5)for a stranger I may have crossed paths with like a store clerk or homeless person or someone next to me in my yoga class and 6)for all beings ....sometimes I say this more than 6 times if more people are weighing on my mind that I want to send love and kindness…
Beautifully said! Some people don't have the wisdom of this beautiful little girl.
Gratitude - Jack Canfield
Um Sábado Qualquer | Cães e Gatos
E você? O que faz da sua vida?