Baby racoons will do this when they are happy and feel like they are protected and safe. I've had several litters of baby racoons and they would always purr when they were curled up in a warm spot, nursing or when we'd pet them.

Autumn Raccoon...

Raccoon (Procyon lotor) in hole in tree with fall color, Pine County, MN captive by Animals Animals. View and buy royalty free and rights managed stock photos at Animals Animals.

Você Vai Se Divertir Com Esses Lindos Esquilos Fofos!

Você Vai Se Divertir Com Esses Lindos Esquilos Fofos!

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You can handle more than you think you can!  (Thanks to Gina Aurelio Krupsky)

Person: Were are my nuts! Chipmunk: Don't look at me! *a nut falls* Where did THAT come from! Chipmunk: *Points at random thing* Whats that! Chipmunk: *scampers away* Hehehe!


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Every Bunny Was Kung-Fu Fighting by spiderchooo - A Member of the Internet's Largest Humor Community

Veja os animais que foram notícia em 2014

OMG look at that itty bitty panda baby! Guangzhou, China A panda, one of three triplets, faces its mother on August 15 in Guangzhou, Guangdong province.