her-wolf: “ Wolf Cub Begging For Food by Jean-Louis Klein & Marie-Luce Hubert ”

Two-month-old gray wolf cub licks its mother's muzzle to encourage her to regurgitate food.

Loba y cria

White Wolf: Arctic Wolf Pups Can Howl With The Best of Them. Also of note, Arctic wolf pups are born black

Canadian Timber Wolf - by: [Rudy in Ottawa]

Canadian Timber Wolf by Rudy in Ottawa*. (KO) Note the lowered head and back away. Not looking for trouble but go away, human.

Lions...how sweet!!!!!

A Baby Lion Cub snuggling with Mom. This picture is so beautiful, but, why does the Lion Cub look sad?

跳び箱!? : 「気持ち分かるよ...」妙に人間臭い動物たち☆ - NAVER まとめ

Doggy fashion requires him to go slowly, if he rushes, it ends this badly 💔

“ King of the Hill by Jeremy Weber ”

beautiful-wildlife: “ King of the Hill by Jeremy Weber ” nothing but nature

Rescued Arctic Wolf and caretaker A magnificent Arctic wolf finally feeling safe with a real human at Big Oak Wolf Sanctuary in Northeast Florida, after suffering much abuse as a young wolf.