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Feeling powerless and being powerless are two very different things. As you take small steps towards your goals (no matter how youre feeling) you will discover that powerless is not who you are at all!

Baby Wolf Howling!

Baby wolf practices howling not a pet but still a cute baby animal

The Boy and the Wolf

*/Wolf Folklore/* There is one myth that the mythological founder of the Chechen nation, Turpalo-Noxchuo (Chechen Hero, who Chechens are descended from "like sparks of steel"), was raised by a fabled, loving "Wolf Mother".

Eyes of the wolf...courtesy of wolveswolves via tumblr.

Wolves eyes can have colors ranging from grey, green, yellow, amber, orange and brown. Based on color choices I can match it with mother wolf's personality.

Pequeñito pero matón. ¡¡Vaya uñas!!

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Funny pictures about Ridiculously Photogenic Sloth. Oh, and cool pics about Ridiculously Photogenic Sloth. Also, Ridiculously Photogenic Sloth photos.

Arctic wolves and their pups

Dog fact of the week: Wolves, from which dogs descended, are descended from a small, weasel-like mammal called Miacis that lived in trees and became extinct 40 million years ago.