History of the German Shepherd Dog — The German Shepherd Dog was widely sought after during World War II. They were employed by Allied and Axis forces as mine detectors, sentinels, guard work, messenger, and other services. In America, Dogs for . . . (read more) http://blog.21stcenturypet.com/2013/04/history-of-the-german-shepherd-dog/ #21stcenturypet #germanshepherd

German Shepherd facts that you must know ! Have a look at the below facts about German Shepherd that you should be aware of. Fact - Name German Shepherd is known as "Alsatian" Fact [.

German Shepherd are very smart. Now I know the reason :)

german shepherd reading "How to Pick Up Bitches". Bitches meaning female dog of course. It's funny people.

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German shepherds...

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The German Shepherd

A German Shepherd’s life is very short when compared to a human’s lifespan. While humans can live for more than 100 years, German Shepherds may only live for years.


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GERMAN SHEPHERD Dog Sign - being a responsible gsd guardian, much better than beware of dog