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Dear Future Husband, If you get me an engagement ring and a puppy (or Kitten) I am all yours.

10 Cute + Creative Pet Proposals That Will Make You Melt

A lab puppy & engagement ring. this is how i want to be proposed to. i open the box and there is an adorable black or silver lab w/ a bow around their neck and an engagement ring.

This is such a beautiful picture. I like cant even rn

Sky Lanterns

- One time use only - Cream color lantern - biodegradable material Sky Lanterns are can be described as miniature hot-air balloons. They have a small fuel source that slowly lifts the glowing sky

Even better! Videotape the proposal secretly and play it at the wedding. Just make sure my hair, makeup, and nails look good pretty please. And God don't let me get proposed to in sweatpants.

Dear future husband, At the end of their wedding slide show, a video of their proposal started to play. The groom had secretly taped it and then played it at their wedding to surprise his bride.

<3, seriously, future husband, have a hidden camera. i want a pic of this moment for the scrapbook

This would be awesome! 6 rules: Ask for moms blessing. Make it a complete surprise. Use my full name Get down on one knee. Have somebody catch it on camera. make sure my nails are done

I looked at David and just grabbed him squeezing him as tight as I possibly could. I didnt want to let go I didnt want to loose nor forget that feeling that I felt in that very moment. Then he said Well are you going to put the ring on?! and I shouted YES! gasped over how stunning it was slipped it on and went in for another hug. #engagementstory #engagement #engaged #gettingmarried #proposal #bridetobe #brides #wedding #love #relationshipgoals #couples

Secret Photographer at the proposal is a MUST! This has got to be one of the SWEETEST proposal stories I have ever read. And the pictures are drop dead gorgeous! So much sweetness, so much love.

Wahre Freunde sind wie Diamanten... schwer zu finden, aber sie sind es wert.

Proposal in the rain! I know, you guys think it's weird. I don't know why, but rain is soooo. It's hard to explain! I love rain!

I LOVE doing a First Look: “Because EVERY girl deserves a response like this” .. This is what I deserve!

grooms' reactions to seeing their pretty brides for the first time.every girl deserves this