Lynn Hill free climbing a rock during the day

Lynn Hill - Hill was the first person to free climb The Nose — a popular climbing route in Yosemite Valley with an elevation gain of feet.

Climbing explained to non-climbers

Climbing explained to non-climbers. Have you ever been asked what climbing is by a non-climber? Show them this article - it explains everything.

Pour les 10 ans de PG, la team s’était réunie à Lyon pour une session Urban Climbing. Voici le premier des 4 portfolios, avec des photos signées Lucie Thomas. Enjoy!

Portfolio: Urban Climbing in Lyon by PG - Acte 1

Portfolio: Urban Climbing in Lyon by PG – Acte 1 · PlanetGrimpe

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Lyne Hill, great rock climber

American: Lynn Hill, an amazing rock climber as well as human being. She's now retired, but still hands down one of the best female climbers to ever walk the earth. Awesome woman, check her out, maynee

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Sometimes even a photograph, the thought of the climb, makes my palms and soles tingle and that odd?~LBTap the link to check out great drones and drone accessories. Sales happening all the time so check back often!

A LITTLE CLIMBER. Little Tomas, our son, #climbing as we traveled through Turkey and Greece. Photos by Francisco @fotovertical and Sandra


A LITTLE CLIMBER Little Tomas, our son, getting ready to ram a van full of gear as we traveled through Turkey and Greece. After climbing. Photos by Francisco and Sandra

sasha digiulian. rock styyyle

Sasha DiGiulian climbing "Golden Boy" at "The Gold Coast," Pendergrass Murray Recreational Preserve, Red River Gorge, Kentucky, USA.