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Tutorial Scratch (Ep 12 - Programar o inicio do jogo (Fase 8 do projeto))

Social Justice RPG

"Social Justice RPG" is an animated parody by Dorkly that pokes fun at the "traditional class roles" in the Final Fantasy video game series.

Scratch Jr iPad app (5-7year olds) programming to create games and stories.

Coding for kids, Scratch Jr. As young as get your kids kick- started to learn programming. Don't worry, C+ and Java aren't introduced yet. Think about FarmVille for kids but with lots of variables. It's really a fun way to have your kids expand their mi

Hatred - Crossing the Line from Violence to Sadism - Extra Credits

Content Warning: Graphic Violence Violence lies at the heart of the Western tradition. Rage is an essential part of human nature, one that literature, art, a.

Japan Strangest Video games

Japan's strangest videogames and the person who finds them - Kill Screen

Video Game Violence Research Is A Failure

A paper published on Psychiatric Times by Dr Christopher Ferguson has heavily criticised older research on the effect that virtual video game violence potent.