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Nightrizer — Here are the still images for the Gravity Falls.

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Nightrizer- I thought they were supposed to be twins

nightrizer: I know I’m a day late, but have some cute mystery twins dressed as their alternate Monster Falls AU forms for Halloween!


Here are the still images for the Gravity Falls PMV MAP part I finally finished!ed the first one so it could be viewed as a loop.

I started this on the night of the finale and I just finished it lol HERE YA GO GUYS  Gravity Falls by http://beccadrawsstuff.tumblr.com/

I'm not crying, you're crying ;>>>GAY CONFIRMED<-----I love this son much, both the picture and the comment<<<; This makes me so happy yet so sad

Gravity falls

Gravity Falls/Reverse Falls (Gravity Falls is absolute the best show I have ever watched (Except for anime (sorry if you love this show)))

Огонь иди со мной...

This is just my own personal theory based on that foreshadowing in the blind eye episode The poem is from the show Twin Peaks Firewalk