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How cute is this? An ice-cream sandwich bike cart for late-night snacking!

Gillian’s sister and maid of honor Laura, a pastry chef, stocked her bike cart with ice cream sandwiches for late-night snacks. The cart featured customized placards in blue and white.

Poverty is the underlying cause of all homelessness. Structural changes within the American economy have had a profound impact on societies "bottom segment." No, homelessness is not caused by mental illness, addictions, or unemployment.

Campaign Development Week 3.

Homeless people tend to be the most vulnerable members of society. One of the biggest dangers they face include: Health problems tend to be ignored. This means that they can have different medical or mental health conditions which will go untreated.

Tierpartk Berlin-Friedrichsfelde. Bitte einsteigen. LOL

Take a look at this amazing Deceiving Billboard Ads - Part II illusion. Browse and enjoy our huge collection of optical illusions and mind bending images and videos.


Skull Lenmarco Laser, wooden pens holder, plywood, laser cutting [][] I like the combo of cutout and surface design