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Everyone sees what you appear to be, few experience what you really are | Anonymous ART of Revolution
Every time you keep your gifts to yourself you lose. This is old news right? Totally not moving you - what are you worth anyway right?   So how about this? Who ELSE is missing out when you avoid the privilege the RESPONSIBILITY of sharing what you have to say what you have to give? Who are you harming by hiding your true nature? I can't begin to tell you.  But I can tell you who you're helping: exactly no one.  Let this be your impetus to sit down at your computer to put pen or paint to page…
Glossier Perfecting Skin Tint - Dark In the land between bare skin and makeup makeup exists the imperceptible wash of color that is our Perfecting Skin Tint. What does it do? Evens out discoloration and leaves your face looking toned, smooth, and dewy. The breathable, ultra thin formula auto-fits to skin, making application as simple as throwing on moisturizer. What won’t it do? Hide your freckles, spackle your pores, or erase any other evidence that you are, in fact, a real human being…

Glossier Perfecting Skin Tint - Dark

Como plantar mirtilos em um vaso | eHow Brasil
Are you going through a storm?  Me too!  I could relent and hide, due to all of the trials.  What will that gain?    He is near to the broken-hearted and goes before us.   He is the master of miracles.  He is the ultimate Healer.    Rock bottom may be your stepping stone to freedom.    🦋
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Learn how to cook and flavor your dishes with spices with our 3 infographic guides. They'll show you some of the most common spices that are hiding in your cupboard and how to use them, what flavors they add to your dish, which spices go well together, and what spices make up your favorite ethnic flavors.   busy moms, healthy moms, healthy food, health and fitness, healthy tips

The Ultimate Guide to Spices

What you are hiding from the world is actually the most important part of you.