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Is this what your work week looks like?

Hope everyone's Monday is going better than expected. Lots of fun things happening this week at the Stay tuned for details!

GRAMMAR MATTERS!!!!     #FunnyQuotes

GRAMMAR MATTERS!!!! #FunnyQuotes

<3 <3 <3

Self Talk is my worst enemy. Who needs Enemies When you've got yourself


SO TRUE! Hate when people say "I can't because. People make time and money for what they want. or they make excuses!

Exercise your abdomen throughout the month to reduce cramps during your period.

To be a good runner, you need to have good posture. Here's 7 ways pilates helps with running.

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You live your life in dedication to your partner or to your child or to what you believe is your life’s work, day by day, with the usual ups and downs that are part of it all.

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Lots and lots of you pretty ladies have been asking me for a quick ab toning workout that you can do straight from your living room and so here it is! I am currently almost 20 weeks pregnant; however, as long as I am able, I love pleasing my whole audience since I realize not Read more.

5 Minute Total Ab Toning Workout - - Downward Dog Kicks: 3 sets of 10 reps per leg

I need this on a hoodie for yoga!! With a lovely tree pose silloute. :-)

20 Ludicrous Things Said By Yoga Teachers ~wow, only even holds water. Unlike pelvises, apparently ;

We gathered essential insights from 65 different meditation teachers. Each quote is a meditation in itself. Enjoy the 101 inspiring meditation quotes!