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but the killer smile.

I wish I knew who originally posted this, so I could give credit.  It is the most shared  pin from my collection.

15 Vintage Photos That Prove Kids Will Always Be Innocent

De tal padre tal bebe

They are looking for their bright future.

German Shepherd puppies

German Shepherd - Strong And Loyal

( This is almost the same kind of dog Peyton's getting) German Shepherd Siberian Husky Mix Puppies image by - Photobucket

Holy moly what a cute little German shepherd puppy!!!

I want one :))) mayb in a few years xx

Atreyu the beauceron, berger de beauce, bas rouge

Atreyu the beauceron, berger de beauce, bas rouge-I am literally pinning this because of the name! Pretty dog, too.

GSD Puppy

German Shepherd Pup ~ Classic Look

pinterest: danifuertes

Aww I love German Shepard's! I want a German Shepard puppy just like this ;

Can't get enough!!!

What a tiny little baby, such a sweet German shepherd puppy face

Belgian malinois puppy

Belgian malinois puppy I want one!