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O encontro entre Alfred Hitchcock e François Truffaut

A entrevista que mudou a história do cinema

Un documental reconstruye el encuentro entre Alfred Hitchcock y François Truffaut en 1962

Alfred Hitchcock

Photographer: Peter Stackpole, Alfred Hitchcock reading Daphne Du Maurier's REBECCA as he discusses movie project over coffee with his assistant and future screenwriter Joan Harrison at his apt. Location: Los Angeles, CA, US

Matthew Broderick and Alan Ruck. Ferris Bueller's Day Off (1986).

Ferris Bueller's Day Off - Matthew Broderick is Ferris Bueller and Alan Ruck is Cameron Frye (Side-note, I've been told by others that I look a lot like Cameron. If you have a Red Wings jersey, I'd like to borrow it for Halloween.

La dolce vita. Mastroianni, Ekberg, Fellini

Marcello Mastroianni, Anita Ekberg and Federico Fellini on the set La Dolce Vita.

Steven Spilberg en el ser de la película Tiburon. ~JAWS ~

A young Film Director Steven Spielberg on the set for his movie "Jaws" in

Family photo

Dick Warlock (as Michael Myers) and Jamie Lee Curtis (as Laurie Strode) sharing some love on the set of "Halloween II".

The Professional, Jean Reno, Natalie Portman

Post with 5798 votes and 985734 views. 20 photos from the making of "Léon: The Professional" featuring Jean Reno, Natalie Portman, Gary Oldman, and writer/director Luc Besson

Christina Ricci

christina ricci - I LOVE her. This is a great photo of her, looks like Wednesday Addams all grown up.