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Everything about this: | 21 Jokes Only "The Fault In Our Stars" Fans Will Understand

21 Jokes Only "The Fault In Our Stars" Fans Will Understand

21 Jokes Only "The Fault In Our Stars" Fans Will Understand; me about every book I've ever read

What I would never..JK lol

Someone said 'I hate supernatural and I leaned over to my friend and said' can I shoot her?' And she said 'not in public' BEST FRIEND MOMENT

They just don't understand

✓ Me: "I'm going to finish this book tonight." Friend: "It's like 300 pages, are you crazy?" Me: *Thank goodness for that because if I wasn't, this'd probably never work.

]*continues to read*  All their faces stuck in thier phones- *huffs* And no app- *throws book*WHAT ABOUT ME

Hi there. I herd you wondering if anyone from this generation reads. Yeah let me introduce you to my personal library/bedroom/bat cave.


Nerd Girl Problem 419 - When You Use Your Favorite Insult From Your Favorite Book And The Person Has No Idea They Were Insulted. But some times thats a good thing


Picture of Surprised David Tennant - "When You're Reading A Book And You Get To The Part Where The Title Starts To Make Sense!

Divergent, hunger games... Im about to start reading Percy Jackson. Oh, one more thing, TWIGHLIGHT SUCKS!

I love reading and haven't even finished Harry Potter or read Twilight. My friends try to get me to read Harry Potter, and my mom tries to get me to read Twilight eventually but. Harry Potter I'll read soon.

totally did that with the wind singer AND MY FRIEND (cough*) DIDNT LIKE IT i've never seen them since

This is me. This describes me perfectly

That's me to my friends. Especially When the book is in HoO series. I hate people who read pjo but didn't have the decency to read the second series My friends trying to make me read divergent

As observed by the beloved Queen of Derp

pretty much. This is worse than a zombie apocalypse! Next thing u know, girls are raiding bookstores and kidnapping guys to become their fictional boyfriends! It's sick! xD)<< that is a wonderful description.