you... as for .. Yao Ming?

You are beautiful from the inside out, who needs mirrors to tell you that? A wonderful substitute for a mirror in a bathroom, quirky and funny interior decoration.

Warning: Hole may not be active. Enter this Blik wall decal at your own risk.

Hole to Another Universe

Warning: Hole to Another Universe may not be active. Enter this humorous Blik wall decal at your own risk.

Real eyes realize real lies.

If you want to know if someone is "real" tell them an obvious lie. A human will recognize it for what it is immediately, a cursed will not. They may look real, but they are not. Only real eyes realize real lies.

so true!

You can't arrest an idea-true.but they can control the mind. Wake up

Yep@Gilda Alvarez

Friends don't let friends do silly things. alone Friends don't let friends do silly things. alone Friends don't let friends do silly things.

I wish you were here....

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The media killed the look she had. But I don't think girls should believe thay have to look like a doll to be "beautiful" The Media is a killer.

imagine art wasn't illegal. That's a world I want to live in.

BANKSY By now, we all probably know the political activist, graffiti artist, and film director who works under the pseudonym Banksy. Starting as an underground graffiti artist in Bristol, Banksy’s art.

Everybody just wants to be liked and accepted. Except for Tom, Tom doesn't give a shit.I WANNA BE TOM!

Best gramma. Why don't smoke? Anyway we got dead ;)

Cool photos submitted today by Bjørn Wad from Norway. His portraits shot in Norwegian retirement homes aim to “show the elderly in a new way, a little bit rock n’ roll, with humor.

The truth about worrying...

The Point Acupuncture & Holistic Medicine

just go with the gut- over thinking + past baggage = mind explosion. know truth - live love


"I am the designer of my own life, of my catastrophe", she said, "not you". He gave her a smile. "Of course I am. I am your catastrophe"