Hours of Charlotte of Savoy, Paris c1420-1425

Top 10 Medieval Butt-Licking Cats _______ The nastiest habit of medieval cats seen via illuminated manuscripts. Regular licking“Thomas of Cantimpré, Liber de natura rerum, France ca.

Detail of a miniature of a hedgehog; from Jean de Wavrin, Recueil des croniques d'Engleterre, vol. 1, Netherlands (Bruges), 1471-1483, Royal MS 15 E. iv, f. 180r.

hedgehog from jean de wavrin, recueil des croniques d'engleterre, vol. netherlands (bruges), royal ms 15 E. iv, f.

Cat playing a lute | from a French Book of Hours, 1480-1500 [Morgan Library] @Cat Museum

LUTE "Cat playing a lute", from a French Book of Hours, [Morgan Library].

Perhaps some witty monk was comparing the sound of the bagpipes to that of yowling cats in heat

Cat playing a bagpipe in a Book of Hours, Paris, c. 1460 - Bizarre and vulgar illustrations from illuminated medieval manuscripts

Awww, this one is really a cutie. Clermont-Ferrand - BM - ms. 0084	 Heures à l'usage des Antonins

Probably a great horned owl perches on a branch in the margins of this Book of Hours created in Savoy, France, in the century.

Man wearing headgear, with pouch hanging at waist, crouching, raises withes over bare hindquarters of another man, bent over, head not visible | Book of Hours | France, Paris | ca. 1425-1430 | The Morgan Library & Museum

Nothing like a medieval ass-smacking. Book of Hours, MS fol. - Images from Medieval and Renaissance Manuscripts - The Morgan Library & Museum

Bird standing in nest above four smaller birds | Book of Hours | Belgium | ca. 1470 | The Morgan Library & Museum

Margin with foliate and vinescroll ornament, inhabited by two birds, including one standing in nest above four smaller birds; and fantastic animal. From Book of Hours (Initial D enclosing gold scroll ornament), Belgium,