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Nos Estados Unidos a concorrência é pesada. Vide o envelopamento feito nos caminhões da Fedex, deixando bem claro que a DHL (concorrente direto), sempre fica para trás. Excelente sacada!

Funny pictures about Clever FedEx Truck Design. Oh, and cool pics about Clever FedEx Truck Design. Also, Clever FedEx Truck Design photos.

You've gotta love New York baby! HBO Sopranos Ad. God I miss The Sopranos every week!

Guerrilla Advertising in New York for the Sopranos. This is a funny stunt which is extremely intriguing to a passerby who happens to see the arm hanging from the taxi boot. This encourages them to look at the sticker and see that the arm is fake.

Brilliant Sundial Billboard Hate mcdonalds but maybe there are some brains behind it all

McDonald's Brilliant Sundial Billboard

Funny pictures about McDonald's Sun Dial. Oh, and cool pics about McDonald's Sun Dial. Also, McDonald's Sun Dial photos.

Best. Billboard. Ever. Now THAT would make me look twice! So cool!

Funny pictures about Hot Wheels advertisement. Oh, and cool pics about Hot Wheels advertisement. Also, Hot Wheels advertisement photos.

Awesome truck advertising !!

Awesome truck advertising !!

I really do like these clever truck ads. Like the truck looking like a enormous Mars bar. What better way than to see something as eye catching when you are on the road.

Perth Zoo's Wildlife Conservation - Tiger Rips Bus Open! Save this species....

Tiger Rips Bus Open

Perth Zoo Tiger Bus - Giant tiger attacks city bus and reminds people to “come to the zoo before the zoo comes to you”.

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Oral B is using guerrilla marketing in a very creative way. They created the illusion that the brush of a cleaning truck is the brush of a toothbrush

Ads. I think the coffee elevator, I would take the stairs. Really like the dog ad.

Ad. Win

I think the coffee elevator, I would take the stairs. Really like the dog ad. Omg the condom so hilarious


Daihatsu Hijet - Pick Up Five Times More Women Than a Lamborghini. The Daihatsu Hijet is a microvan and pickup truck produced by the Japanese automaker Daihatsu.

Ultra compact McDonald's outdoor advertising

I found this ad to be very clever due to its unique way of showing that McDonalds is open at night with the spotlights that are shining the light to light up the display create the famous golden arches.

Expensive and well made but could use a tag line.

reclame si Reclame

Add: SciFi Channel. Bron: http://www.rotterdam-vormgeving.nl

For the Sci-Fi channel, the apex of this light post looked like a UFO. this easily transformed into an appealing and creative column wrap!