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Megalania model made for Lost Creatures exhibition at Queensland Museum. Textured by Andrey Atuchin and supervised by Scott Hocknull.

Styracosaurus (1995) by Kazuhiko Sano super legit. Real styracosaurus were known to be hella goofy and good natured.

Styracosaurus by Kazuhiko Sano super legit. Real styracosaurus were known to be hella goofy and good natured.

I love the colors in this. Plus..what a beautiful fellow, Spinosaurus.


Spinosaurus is a genus of theropod dinosaur which lived in what is now North Africa, from the lower Albian to lower Cenomanian stages of the Cretaceous period, about 112 to 97 million years ago.

Julio Lacerda - Megalonyx

“ Megalonyx jeffersonii Artwork by Julio Lacerda / This medium-sized ground sloth could grow to more than twice the size of a polar bear. It appeared in North America 10 million.

Paraceratherium, AKA one of my favourite extinct animals.

Paraceratherium was a gigantic hornless rhinoceros-like mammal endemic to Eurasia & Asia during the Oligocene epoch. It is regarded as the largest land mammal known - Prehistoric artwork.

Marsupial lion - proteins may hold key to megafauna

The marsupial lion (Thylacoleo carnifex) is an extinct species of carnivorous marsupial mammal that lived in Australia from the early to the late Pleistocene years ago). By Peter Schouten # creature animals

Giraffatitan+in+1934.jpg (736×974)

The Brachiosaurus. The largest prehistoric land animal bones found in Africa, 1934

genyornis, megalania

However, the giant lizards are not the only ones that roamed Australia a long time ago. Price added that there were also nine-metre long inland crocodiles roaming around the continent during the last Ice Age.

*Argentinosaurus. Art by Miguel Ángel Amorín Fernández

Art by Miguel Ángel Amorín Fernández. Argentinosaurus is a genus of titanosaur sauropod dinosaur first discovered by Guillermo Heredia in Argentina. The generic name refers to the country in which it was discovered.

Species New to Science: [Paleontology • 2012] Pegomastax africanus | “thick jaw from Africa” • New fanged dwarf dinosaur from southern Afric...

Dracula Dinosaur named Pegomastax africanus, or "thick jaw from Africa, it was less than 2 feet meters) long and weighed less than a house cat at 15 pounds kilograms) at most, and was mostly tail and neck. Found 50 years ago in Southern Africa.