7 "Harry Potter" Book Covers Reimagined As GIF if you are a Harry Potter fan , you should see this!

7 "Harry Potter" Book Covers Reimagined As GIFs

7 "Harry Potter" Book Covers Reimagined As GIFs

Harry Potter book covers reimagined as minimalistic animated GIFs -- book The Sorcerer's Stone.

4. Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire    ---   All image credits: Jessica Martinez. Animated GIFs are not supported in some social networks. You may need to open them in the original post.  7 minimalist Harry Potter animated book covers-

7 gorgeous animated GIF covers for Harry Potter books (pictures)

This is a series by illustrator and graphic designer Jeca Martinez reimagining all the Harry Potter book covers as minimalistic animated GIFs. (There's a scar hidden in all of them). So awesome!

Here Are The Harry Potter Poster GIFs You Didn't Know You Needed

"The Order of the Phoenix" Minimalist Harry Potter animated gif series by Illustrator and Graphic Designer Jeca Martinez

Harry Potter has probably taught me more that school has. Just saying!

Day 33: Life lessons we learned from Harry Potter

Collection of best quotes from Harry Potter series.We have gathered some of the best quotation from Harry Potter books which you can find here.

Harry Potter minimalist poster series- Harry Potter always

'Harry Potter' Minimalist Posters Will Cast a Spell on You

Harry Potter A-Z

A very Potter alphabet: Albus Black Cho Draco Elf Filch Granger Hagrid Igor James Kingsley Lestrange Mad-Eye Neville Ollivander Potter Quirrell Remus Snape Tonks Umbridge Voldemort Weasley Xenophilius Yaxley Zabini

Harry Potter parallels

“Harry Potter is symmetrical. Not just symmetrical - this is ring composition, favoured by Homer and other good writers. The book is at the centre of the ring. JK Rowling knows her beans.

why didn't this happen

Harry Potter Alternate Storyline - Tri-Wizard Champion So sad yet so beautiful. I wish JK would just give Slytherins more insight views and stories (not that I’m complaining her work, but I really wanna read some Slytherin stories)

Until The Very End: The Best Harry Potter Tributes From The Harry Potter Generation

Until The Very End: The Best Harry Potter Tributes From The Harry Potter Generation

Until The Very End: The Best Harry Potter Tributes From The Harry Potter Generation <<<I'm seriously in tears just thinking about how it's already ended.

Debatable for the History major @Kari Hardy I had to Nerd out at work for all these Harry Potter ones lol Enjoy!

Ha ha, I mean this is true, but that's because there are a lot more pages and details to american history than hp. I've read all of hp, it would be very difficult to read all of american history. Plus I'm not a fan of history

I want this to happen

Just meme it!

The Marauders as current movie stars. Good golly gosh think my heart just burst. Remus and Sirius are the cutest.