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❤ parece a Menina minha!!
OMG!! I need one!! Miniature Mini Dachshund | Starring Rufus, my red smooth miniature dachshund | rufusontheweb
The origin of the dogs, or almost haha This is so nice!

A região de origem de cada raça de cachorro

Sweet little face, sweet little feet.  Face it - this puppy is just a doll! #doxie #cute #dachshund
.Got nothing to do....no one to play. Just keep waiting, and waiting... Until they show up. Maybe few minutes...or hours. I don't know I don't read the time, all that makes me happy is that they FINALLY HERE!.
Tubarão e   cão

My dog's favorite place to sleep

Smile. Lol
Das Wienie!
A vida é curta demais para não amar dogs compridinhos.

Ou este, que resolveu ser a Dona Florinda.

So true! Oreo gets away with everything! and this dog reminds me of Memphis lol