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Diannus do Nemi | Artes e Paganismo: Filme O Labirinto do Fauno (2006) e seu simbolismo iniciático.

El laberinto del fauno, ("The Faun's Labyrinth") / Directed by Guillermo del Toro

The Wizard of Oz

Dorothy (Judy Garland) is an innocent farm girl who gets swept away in a tornado with her dog Toto. She arrives in a magical place called Oz. While trying to find her way home, she makes friends and enemies.

Found on esotericallyarcane.tumblr.com via Tumblr

The Moirai, the three fates that watch over the city with light in preparation of death (also awesome shroud drawing reference)

Dirty Dancing. This is my dance space, this is your dance space... spaghetti arms!

Jennifer Grey, Patrick Swayze - Dirty Dancing "this is my dance space" you know the rest !

الصديق نسيب الروح ♡ الصديق إنسان هو أنت إلا أنه غيرك ♡صديق حميم♡ أفضل صور لصداقات حميمة .. برومانس Bromances وهي لكل الناس بلا إستثناء فالحب والتعامل الإنساني هو شيء وجداني فكن مع الإنسان الذي تحب ويحبك ...  شارك..المحبة

jannelle-o: “ “ emalestranged said: yesterday was my birthday :D maybe some angsty sad sterek drawing… but if you don’t wanna it’s totes cool ^-^ ” Ok, this took longer than I thought it would.