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O talento de Zaria Forman com tons pastel

New York based artist Zaria Forman creates realistic artworks of beautiful landscapes, icebergs, and waves with soft pastels on paper. Ten of her paintings were featured in a Netflix TV series House of Cards.

Zaria Forman

Zaria Forman finger painting with surgical gloves. This technique gives her painting sublime accuracy with a smoothness that is so outstanding. Wow these are really beautiful!

La roca del beso

Kissing Rocks The surf has carved an arch beneath two interesting rocks here that now appear to "kiss" one another. One of the more interesting rock formations on the Pacific Grove Rec trail.

this is my childhood dream.

"Stained Glass Window" effect outdoor igloo snow fort for the kids. Wish my parents had time for stuff like this when I was growing up!

Хотите Научиться Живописи? | ВКонтакте   Художницa Zaria Forman (пастель)

Artist Zaria Forman ( previously ) has created beautiful realistic drawings of the Maldives using soft pastel .

Colored pencils!  Too funny,,  Cross country jump idea

Color Pencils Artist: Jonna Pohjalainen, Helsinki Location: Pedvale, Latvia Local aspen trees sharpened and ends painted to resemble colored pencils. Now that's one HUGE colored pencil!

Groelândia por Zaria Forman.

O hiperrealismo de Zaria Forman

Zaria Forman beautifully captures the earth’s changing landscapes in her nearly photorealistic large soft pastel drawings. Zaria Forman be.