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@NKF National Kidney Foundation presents Hello Kidney!

Why is kidney very important for us? It is engaged in filtering the blood, regulate electrolyte balance and blood pressure, produce hormones and urine. Kidney disease and kidney failure can be caused by the below: High blood pressure,

Kidney Transplant Party Card- I could make something similar.  Man, I hope I make it to 40 years - WOW!!

Kidney Transplant Party Card I'm sending these out when Corey hits his 40 year anniversary!

Hello Kidney

The NKF Kidney Walk is an inspiring community fundraiser that calls attention to the prevention of kidney disease and the need for organ donation.

I <3 #Science

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Lub Dub bub :)

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my kidneys are so lazy Sticker

my kidneys are so lazy Sticker

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I love his - should make a shirt like this to wear with my nephrology patients at Halloween

I would buy this: Hello Kidney. Her side kick would be Hello Kidney Stone. Her BFF would be Hello Bladder!

Where Are Your Kidneys | Love Your Kidneys www.kidneyabc.com: Love Your Kidneys More Everyday

I never imagined I would get so expected for pee, pee color and how often my girls go!

Why People with CKD Are at Risk of Cardiovascular Disease

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One kidney transplant may give a brand new life for kidney failure patients, but if unprotected well, transplanted kidney may fail to work again. From this point, it is quite important to save transplanted kidney.

If you're on dialysis, then you know the standard course of dialysis is 3x/week for 4 hours at a time after they stab you with 2 long needles and in my case limit the use of your left arm. Tell me your Kidney Story @ www.facebook.com/kidney stories

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Kidneys' job, It is the most awesome feeling the first time you do pee. Then able to drink amount you want.


Funny Skeleton Anatomy Greeting Card - I've Got Your Back. Grow a spine and use a little bone dry medical humor to say thinking of you.