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Capacetes de stormtroopers utilizados em "Star Wars: A New Hope". 50 unidades serviram para tomadas à distância. 6 unidades serviram para closes.

stormtrooper helmets lined up for the 1976 star wars filmimage courtesy star wars helmets)

behind the scenes

Star Wars - Behind the scenes photo of Mark Hamill & Anthony Daniels. The image measures 1654 * 1149 pixels and was added on 8 July

It's hard to be a Jedi when the Dark Side now has cookies AND tea with this super cute Death Star tea infuser.

it's a tea ball. Artist TimJo has created a working Death Star tea infuser made with real silver sheet me.

anyone else thinks this looks like a really really fat person w their legs extended and the remote in their right hand????

Graphic designer Jerod Gibson creates typographic movie posters and enhances them by adding the famous quotes from the movies to the silhouetted designs.

Lambda class T 4a shuttle

Lambda-class T-4a shuttle - Rare Behind the Scenes Photograph

Vader's Shuttle The full scale Imperial Shuttle sits on the set of the hangar of the Second Death Star during the shooting of the "Return of the Jedi.

The Storm Trooper  Acrylic on 30in by 30in canvas  Created by CLOGTWO

Clogtwo x Mighty Jaxx - 'Die Jedi Scum series: Storm Trooper' fine art print release

Knight of Ren?

My deaf Dad thought Boba Fett was called just Bob. IDK why.but here's what came to mind

Shakespeare's Star Wars

Someone Re-Wrote The First Three "Star Wars" Films In Shakespearean Verse

Booktopia has William Shakespeare's The Empire Striketh Back, Star Wars Part the Fifth by Ian Doescher. Buy a discounted Hardcover of William Shakespeare's The Empire Striketh Back online from Australia's leading online bookstore.

Star Wars The Secret Missions TV Show by Creator Ryan Crain

Star Wars The Secret Missions TV Show by Creator Ryan Crain. I'd definitely watch it!

Star Wars - The Empire Strikes Back | Behind The Scenes (copyright Lucasfilm Ltd.)

Harrison Ford, Han Solo waiting to film next scene of Empire Strikes Back Star Wars