wanna get this  with something with in memory of grandfather and mom. Initials?

Maybe going from side of foot across to pinky toe

let it be tattoo in john lennon's handwriting. Cool! Dad would love this!

let it be tattoo in john lennon's handwriting.if I can only find it Paul McCartney's handwriting!

I want less branches and more flowers

The cherry blossom tree has played a symbolic importance to a variety of different cultures throughout history. The cherry blossom tree is one of the most beautiful trees on earth. Cherry blossoms bloom on these trees and the view is absolutely.

Ankle tattoo (Cherry Blossoms) by mytat_2s, via Flickr

The cherry blossom has deep rich symbolic roots in Japan, China, and other Asian cultures. Cherry blossom tattoos are common among the Japanese and Chinese. Cherry blossom tattoos are now beginning to gain popularity outside of the Eastern culture.

cherry blossom foot tattoo | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

Cherry Blossom Foot tattoo-- The Japanese believe that there is a connection between cherry blossoms and the admiration of life and shortness of existence and the sadness of those passed.

Foot Tattoo

Foot Tattoo