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Um atirador matou três pessoas e feriu outras quatro neste domingo em um spa localizado próximo a um shopping center em Brookfield, no Estado americano de Wisconsin. O principal suspeito é Radcliffe Haughton, de 45 anos, que foi encontrado morto horas depois. Sua mulher, de quem estava separado e qu

At least three women were killed and four injured when a man opened fire at a spa in a mall in suburban Milwaukee before turning the gun on himself police said about the incident that occurred just miles from a Wisconsin gurdwara where six Sikh worshipp

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No news is good news definition -- Not hearing about a situation suggests that nothing bad has happened. -- And usually bad news travels faster than good news, even in today's digital world.

What you're looking at is a mummified bison from the Ice Age. It was frozen in solid soil and uncovered by gold miners who were artificially thawing out the surrounding Earth in 1979. There are claw and tooth marks in the mummy that have allowed scientists to finger the bison's killer: An American lion.

A mummified bison from the Ice Age, frozen in solid soil and uncovered by gold miners artificially thawing out the surrounding earth in Claw and tooth marks indicate the killer was an American lion.

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Snowy white cabin and gate . at Christmas FROM: Betty & Violet ~ Message in a Teacup: Angels Gather Here.

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Hong Kong protesters refuse to leave



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Resulta irreal saber que hay gente que cree que aplicar las tres R en nuestras vidas no sirva de algo. Les compartimos estas fotografías para hacer consciencia, y esperemos, cada vez ser más los que #PensamosVerde #ColectivoGentedePapel Vía: culturacolectiva.com

Fotografías que prueban que la Tierra está muriendo