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'Não há relacionamento abusivo' afirma mãe de Marina Joyce
Karen Bachini Batom azul
Luv her
Luna:: I was walking through kitchen to grab a cookie but end up dropping the whole jar. "What the fuck..." I mumble and pick up the cookies. I put them away and look at you. "Uhm... hey buddy... I didn't just break the cookie jar or anything..." I say.
Super cute Marina Joyce!! X3
Marina Joyce photo edit
I Love Internet: "Marina Joyce esta segura e bem" Garante policia d...
This is perhaps the most disturbing story we’ve ever heard. YouTube star Marina Joyce a.k.a. iRaindropsx has been making videos for about three years now, but fans recently noticed that a lot of strange things have been happening in her uploads. Although these changes aren’t anything super new, viewers are starting to put together clues that are making them think she was kidnapped and is now being forced to make videos against her will.