Los angeles theatre ~ stunning. repinned by smg-treppen.de

Lobby of the Los Angeles Theatre, Los Angeles, California: Sophisticated Stairs by magnetic lobster

Steampunk | Triple expansion vertical steam engine at a water pumping station in New York, US. #SteamPUNK - ☮k☮

Steampunk Triple expansion vertical steam engine at a water pumping station in New York, US.

Karlsruhe Schloss, Germany (by r.dahl)

Karlsruhe Schloss, Germany (by r.dahl) (All things Europe)

Karlsruhe Schloss, Germany (by r.dahl) --- Gate to the road to our castle?

Renate Reichert

Steel and window heaven! (via The Caledonian Mining Expedition Company: Glass House) - - - Did they buy the whole building and turn into a home ?

house by robin.pounds.1

The light shoots through the window like a spotlight. I think it ironic how natural light is lighting up a chandelier (a source of artificial light). You can see the light sliver which creates interesting texture.

That ceiling! by veronicawasp such a cool reading nook

The Tea House was designed by Shanghai-based architectural design firm Archi-Union Architects. [quote]The Tea House, located in the backyard of Archi-Union

Abandoned 1968 Futuro House, Pennsylvania. Futuro, or Futuro House, is a round, prefabricated house designed by Matti Suuronen, of which fewer than 100 were built during the late 1960s and early 1970s. The distinctive flying saucer like shape and airplane hatch entrance has made the houses popular among collectors. The Futuro is composed of fiberglass-reinforced polyester plastic, measuring 4 metres high and 8 metres in diameter.

human-resentipede: antediluviancurrent: Abandoned 1968 Futuro House, Pennsylvania The futuro homes have been one of my many design obsessions forever. fucking love them, amongst other portable homes.

... lost lovers ...

ballgown: Just blowin in the wind Abandoned farmhouse - Middleton in Teesdale (by Weardale One)


abandoned amazing how people walk away leaving drapes and some of their other possessions. Still beautiful


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