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Shepard Fairey's Non Toxic Revolution (NTR) Posters - Obey Psychedelic Peace Art Poster ~ Shepard Fairey is a street artist who originally became known for his Andre the Giant posters in many cities across the USA.

Michael Jordan x Shepard Fairey x Upper Deck

Michael Jordan, Shepard Fairey (artist) Dual Unframed Autographed Print Details: Chicago Bulls, Hall Of Fame Portrait, Silkscreen Limited To 50

Shepard Fairey - Defend Dignity, We The People Campaign, 2017

Details zu Shepard Fairey - We The People Original - Defend Dignity + Manifesto + Sticker

Shepard Fairey - Defend Dignity, We The People Campaign, 2017


Signed Sedation Pill Shepard Fairey Poster Screen Print Obey Giant Art Millions

1966. Posters in Social Protests. Vietnam war.

The challenges and visions reflected in my Hippie Trails novels are still in motion . Here's to the Revolution of Peace & Love! (A History of Graphic Design: Chapter Posters in Social Protests)

If It's Hip, It's Here: If Shepard Fairey Joined PETA: Obey The Pure Breed Posters & Merchandise

This is Shepard Fairey poster example I told you about (he did the "HOPE" poster for Obama)


Flyer Goodness: Non-Toxic Revolution Posters Designed by Shepard Fairey & Studio Number One

Shepard Fairey's Trump poster: DEMAGOGUE

Shepard Fairey, "Demagogue", arte do CD da banda escocesa Franz Ferdinand, 2016