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Gasteria pseudonigricans

Gasteria pseudonigricans

Succulent Echeveria Agavoides Red Fire New Rare  Cactus Agave caudex Haworthia | eBay

Succulent Echeveria agavoides Red Fire New Rare  cactus agave caudex haworthia

Succulent Echeveria Red Fire Rare no ariocarpus cactus agave caudex haworthia

Senecio haworthii

"Senecio haworthii - "Cocoon Plant" or "Wooly Senecio". Native to South Africa. Flowers are yellowish-orange. Less water during winter months. Protect from frost. Bright light, hardy to F.

Crassula tecta

Crassula tecta: I have these and need to pin this so I dont forget their name.

'Crassula Pyramidalis'

virdiplantae: Crassula pyramidalis variegata ~Delicately pink, green and geometric - Gardening And Patio

Antimima ventricosa

Antimima ventricosa