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A Manipulação do Corpo Feminino pelo Fotógrafo Taiwanês 3cm | The Creators Project

A Manipulação do Corpo Feminino pelo Fotógrafo Taiwanês 3cm

Taiwanese Photographer Yung Cheng Lin Explores Issues of Womanhood like sexuality, birth, menstruation, maturity, the obstacles in front of women and the e

Yung Cheng Lin

Digital Manipulations on Women’s Bodies

Taiwanese artist Yung Cheng Lin (also known as focuses his work on women’s bodies through different modifications he makes with photo-m

Okiron Matasi

blackwitchspace: “ MAJORS The Fool – Yes! New beginnings ahead but don’t ask for a commitment just yet. Especially, if the question was ‘Will I hear from him/her? < rose and collar bones

the red thread:

and it would be so easy sweetheart. you wouldn't feel a thing," Jack pulled the thread taught against Rhys' throat. "just a little nick and you'd bleed out before you could even scream.

Architecture and body

When Architecture Meets Porn – This Artist Makes Nearly-NSFW Graphic Collages

Jessica Ledwich

This Surreal Photo Series Critiques Society’s Pressure On Women, And It’s Terrifying