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Elf glaive from Lord of the Rings. Non-magical elves in my novel Elf Lord wield similar weapons.

Produkt - Miecz Arwena Władca Pierścieni LOTR Elfy Hadhafang

Produkt - Miecz Arwena Władca Pierścieni LOTR Elfy Hadhafang

UnitedCutlery.Com: Mirkwood Double-Bladed Polearm - UC3043

The Hobbit Replica Mirkwood Double Bladed Polearm - The Movie Store

Elven Sword

High Elven Sword / Lord of the Rings. I like the extended grip is unique and the curve of the blade piques my interest.

Japanese Naginata: Basically, it's a massive Knife of a Stick! This style was originally designed to disembowel horses in cases of mounted calvary assault. Longer versions were the primary weapon of female samurai!

This two-handed scimitar seems very powerful, even a normal scimitar is very dangerous and swift. This gives you that extra range to hit something and you could get more power behind your slash due to it being two-handed.

LARP Drow Lord Sword $79

The Foam or Latex Sword For LARP is available in an overall length of 40 inches for long or 34 inches for the medium.


Can kill celestial and demonic beings, as well as most mortal and extra mortal beings.

This piece is a simple and elegant short sword with a walnut handle for powerful two handed use. When handled with just the top grip- royal guard captain standard sword.


Sword and Polearm of the Easterling Soldier