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Bolsas Masculinas da Ernest Alexander NY


Sunday brunch (60 photos)

green jacket beanie orange sneakers great look city streetstyle men fashion new york. that jacket!

How Clothing and Behavior Affects Approachability | 5 Clothing And Behavior Choices To Make You More Approachable

How Clothing and Behavior Affects Approachability

Men Wedding Party: Nothing beats tweeds in winters. Go for structured tweed jackets with slim-fit trousers

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Mindset / Behavior / Appearance / Attitude of a SpeedChange® Agent, one who transforms teams without using traditional training.

If you think flappers were just girls who wore feathered headbands, long necklaces and sparkly clothes then you are wrong! They were actually feminists who rebelled against womans fashion and behavioral standards of the time

Vintage Photo Three Gorgeous Flapper Bad Girls Cropped Hair Cigarettes 1920's

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vannikorea: “ harrisons anniversary tweed jacket for Lee made by Sartoria Vanni ”

Dandy ~ mastered by someone w/ a diverse mind; always open to new ideas/ambiguous in thought You hate being bored/strive to be disarming, making people naturally drawn to you and curious about who you are on the inside. You hypnotize with your pleasant conversation & outrageous behavior, instilling a sense of wonder in their gaze when their eyes match with yours. You don't care for being liked, which makes you adored by those who find you sensually stimulating when you turn on the charisma.

What Is Your Art Of Seduction?

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Being classy is not always about your dress. But wearing a perfect suit is just a start and it starts here! Check out some awesome Classy Men Style

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The overall look/posing concept for the boys. Super dapper and super chill .