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ray-darr: “ dicktouching: “ honk-kong: “ jillbiden: “ the queen wearing a hoodie whilst driving a range rover [x] ” “the thug life chose me” ” Not to mention that’s the most royal fuckin hoodie it’s.

Great-great-great grandchildren of Charles Dickens take a selfie with him

The great great great grandchildren of Charles Dickens take a selfie with a statue of him on his birthday.

the shortest and most accurate history of the world you'll ever read

The shortest history of the world… these are brilliant. Apologies to my foreign friends. Funny England us America Australia north Korea countries Canada

A true hero

A true hero

"Faith In Humanity Restored"- um how can Al Gore beating this woman out of the Nobel Peace Prize restore faith in humanity! My faith will be restored when people like this woman beat fame whores like Al Gore out of the Nobel Prize! Wake-up world!

Just as brave, and with just as important a duty. These women were tough.

Here's a Normandy beach landing photo they don't show you in textbooks. Brave women of the Red Cross arriving in 1944 to help the injured troops.

Kennedy ~~~ I didn't know that! But it explains why my mother has tears in her eyes every time she remembers JFK...

Robert F. Kennedy didn't accept his Attorney General pay either.he also donated it all to charity. These two *liberal* men actually lived their convictions. **THATS WHY I ADMIRE THE KENNEDYS*** Love this need great presidents again

WHEN YOU'RE WITH SOMEONE WITH MONEY VS BEING WITH SOMEONE YOU LOVE | image tagged in womens march,alternative facts,never trump,obama meme,trump and melania,trump inauguration | made w/ Imgflip meme maker

Trumps vs Obamas - Honestly, I occasionally feel sorry for Melania. He treats her like crap in public. I can only imagine how much worse he treats her in private.